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March 2, 2021 / paulio10

Don’t just Plan your Work, Schedule it

Just a quick reminder to everyone, to make progress on all the important things you’re learning & doing in your life:

  1. Write down all your projects, so you have a master list – a project is anything that takes more than 1 step to complete. (now you won’t forget)
  2. Figure out, for each project: What is the very next task you need to do? What’s the very next achievable action to move that project along?
  3. Schedule those tasks into your life right now – put them on your calendar, reserve a block of time where nobody will disturb you while you get it done, etc.
  4. You don’t have to do it all today. Spread it out a little bit. Try to do 2-3 things later today, or even just 1 – so you feel you’re making progress!
  5. Update your projects & tasks list – check off the items you completed (it feels good to check them off or delete them!)
  6. Once a Week: Maintain your lists – remove outdated projects, add new projects. Remove outdated tasks, add new tasks.

This simple process can take you a long way towards productivity, and the best part is that every step of the way is an incremental amount of work that’s not too hard or takes too long to do. Do a little now. Do some more later. You will complete ALL of it successfully, if you keep at it, and keep moving forward.

For more information read the book “Getting Things Done” by David Allen. This book is so valuable.

You can do it!


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