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December 21, 2018 / paulio10

Leveraging Joy

There’s a powerful behavior that our society is familiar with: the concept of “leveraging”. Lots of people study this and learn it in the business and investing worlds. It’s the idea of having more effect than you currently have, or to gain many multiple times the amount of some resource in the future. For example, If you buy a house for $100,000 and wait a year and it goes up in value to $110,000, you will have made $10,000 profit. But you can also buy such a house with a bank loan, where you only have to put down 20% of the price, which is $20,000. You still get the benefit of the property going up in value by $10k – you still get all of that profit, but you only had to bring 1/5th the money to do it ($20k instead of $100k). If you actually had the full $100,000 amount, you could utilize the leverage of bank loans to buy 5 houses like that instead of just 1, and end up making 5 times the profit. There are lots of other places where leverage is used, such as teaching a roomful of people some important information – one teacher can impart knowledge to 20-40 people at one time in a classroom, that’s a way to leverage knowledge.

But I have been thinking – how can Human Energy be increased with this advanced concept of leverage? How can you leverage the energy of Joy or Compassion? We rarely apply scientific or financial concepts like leverage to the more human/emotional side of our lives – but if we did, maybe it could help improve people’s lives in a more powerful way, or help others more quickly.


How can Joy be Leveraged?

Suppose you have X amount of joy, and you want to grow it to 2 X or 3 X or even 10 X. How can you do that?

One way is to share your joy with others – do something that creates joy for many other people. But start with one person.  Believe it or not, bringing joy to one other person creates 2X joy –  the other person gains joy they didn’t have before, and you gain joy you didn’t have before when you see how much they are enjoying the circumstances that you created!

For example:  I once subscribed to an online service that would allow the user to create and send post cards to people from a web page. It was pretty neat. You could mass-mail people, or send personal individual cards with messages, and pick out the picture and font and color and everything. I sent a lot of heart-felt thank-you cards to lots of people, but one person in particular was overwhelmed by the card he received. It was my barber. The next time I went to his shop for a hair cut, he was beaming from ear to ear, and kept thanking me for the card! He displayed it prominently on the desk in the corner of his small barber shop. He kept talking about it that day, how happy it made him, how people hardly ever thank him for the hard work that he does. I could tell that I really made his week. If you think about it, this is actually a form of leverage – because these cards brought a small amount of joy to me, but a huge amount to him. With just a little emotion and effort on my part, I created a huge joyful reaction in this one person. And every successive card I send out increases the chance of a multiplicative result like that.

Another example:  When I was single I used to send Christmas cards to everyone I knew. I wanted to have a lot of people sending me cards, like my parents had; but very few people remembered to send me one until I had sent them out for at least 4-5 years straight.  Anyway, one year, a friend of mine had a young boy who was maybe 2 or 3 years old, and he absolutely loved the picture of the friendly smiling Santa Claus on the cards I sent out that year – that little boy carried my card around with him all day long for days, until the card wore out, I was told. (I sent them a fresh one a few days before Christmas just in case they needed it). I think of this as leverage because it took very little effort for me to buy a box of 20 cards and mail them out; very little energy expended compared to the amazing amount of joy a little boy had for literally a week!

Joy can be leveraged many more times by teaching others how Joy works – how to share Joy with others.  Because now, you can enjoy seeing other people appreciating the amazing happiness that comes from Joy – and see how they are sharing it with other people as well. Helping people discover a book like Joy and Healing, by Torkom Saraydarian (link1, link2), can be a form of leverage. That book has many exercises people can do to safely increase the amount of joy in their lives, no matter what their circumstances are. You might have spent a few minutes talking to someone who needs more joy, and if they accept your suggestion and find this book and read it, their entire life could be improved for the better. I think most people know someone in their lives who could really use an increase in joyfulness, to counterbalance the wide variety of difficulties they have been encountering.

There is no stronger lever in the Cosmos than thought saturated with psychic energy!” Letters of Helena Roerich I, 17 Aug 1930

If you are a Grandma or a Grandpa, you get to see how the work you did raising your kids has helped them do a good job raising their kids. You can enjoy being with your grand-kids that much more because of it. Being grandparents to a variety of family members is a form of leverage, spreading joy to them is a way to leverage joy. Simply playing with your grand-kids is powerfully great joy.  All of your kids and their kids (and their kids, and so on) are going to bring joy to more and more families and friends, because of you – generating far more joy in the world than you ever could have done just by yourself!

Social networks, of course, allow individuals to send words and ideas to many people. They can also be utilized to spread joy out into the world. I think people should be more choosy about who they “follow” on the Internet, and every participant needs to think carefully about what messages they are posting. How  are your words going to be received by others? How is it going to be interpreted by all kinds of people? Now flip it around – what if you received a message that created that same reaction in you? If you don’t like the reaction you would have receiving a message like that, then maybe don’t send it. Create joyful reactions in others the way you would like to experience them yourself when reading other people’s postings on the Internet. As Mahatma Gandhi is known to have said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” I think this message is just as valuable and important today as it ever was.

What can you post on the Internet today, that gives people joy when they read it?

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