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August 3, 2017 / paulio10

Instant Mashed Potatoes

With the instant mashed potatoes box that I sometimes buy, the directions on the back has a “4 servings” option (which isn’t enough for two people) and an “8 servings” option (too much for two people).

So I averaged the numbers to get “6 servings”, and something very strange happened (besides being just right for two people):

The numbers worked out far better than the other sizes!

The other sizes all have “1/3” and “2/3” in many of the numbers, making you use 2 or 3 measuring cups for everything. All those fractions dropped away, and I was left with nice round numbers – fewer measuring cups.

I’ve known this for about 15 years now. They really should print this option on the box.

Funny company!


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