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April 25, 2017 / paulio10

Getting Used to Being Wrong

In life, if you aren’t regularly wrong or at least unsure, you aren’t doing new things; you aren’t exploring and learning.

In school they teach you that everything has 1 right answer, and if you don’t get that right answer you’re wrong, and wrong is bad.  Wrong is worth zero points, and zero points makes you fail your test, fail your paper, fail your class.

But what I’ve noticed is, the older I get the more easily I get used to being wrong, and it doesn’t mean it’s the end, sometimes it’s just a hiccup as you continue your journey.

When young, most people’s self-worth is tied to seeing themselves be right/wrong, succeed/fail. When they get older, they often find they can separate self-worth from success/failure.

For many people, when they are young they’re easily embarrassed, and embarrassment feels bad, and so they try to avoid it.  When older, they realize embarrassment can be funny, or at least non-painful, and that everyone around you has been there; so it’s not so embarrassing to be embarrassed.

If you can practice being OK with being wrong, the world opens up to you.  You can learn anything, by starting at the beginning, being wrong a lot, and learning it that way – then you’re right, on something totally new, maybe that other people around you never learned.

If you can be OK with being wrong from time to time, you have an ocean of new success in your future.  You can learn the things rich people think about, and how they do what they do – and choose to do a portion of that, if you want, for your own success.

If you can be OK with being wrong, other people can’t control you by making you wrong.  Because you’re wrong, and it’s OK.  You don’t get angry. You don’t lose control of your emotions and thoughts.  You can’t be steered or goaded into different directions of action/thought/feeling/decision.

Schools should stop teaching that there’s only one right answer.  Wrong is not failure, it can actually be a step on the path to success. Those who are the most successful have made way more “mistakes” than those who aren’t. It’s really true.


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  1. Sheryl M Balyoz / Apr 26 2017 11:18 PM

    Right On!!

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