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January 30, 2016 / paulio10

Election Perfection

The only way elections will ever be honest and believable will be when the vote collectors publish the ENTIRE LIST of everybody who voted, and which way they voted, as an easily parseable text file for all to see.

Let that sink in for a minute.

Everyone in the world knows where and when this ASCII CSV file will drop, and are waiting with baited breath for it to appear. As soon as it does, thousands (maybe millions) of people, including you, go into action – downloading the file, and analyzing it to see who won the election.

But more than just seeing who won the election, you will be able to look at this gigantic data dump for your own name, to see for yourself that the people who collected the votes properly understood your ballot, processed it correctly, and registered the way you wanted to vote properly, from your point of view. In fact, that will be considered a duty as a citizen of the world you live in, to verify your vote was counted properly. If you can’t do it yourself, you’ll get someone else to check for you; just so long as you have a way of seeing that the world properly acknowledged your meager contribution to the massive election that had just transpired.

Every voter will be able to run statistics on this database – to prove to themselves that the claimed percentages of who received which votes, is correct, or not. They can verify the outcome of the election themselves, beyond a shadow of a doubt.

There doesn’t need to be any central “media” reporting the statistics – every media outlet, large or small, will be able to report the correct results for themselves.  It will be considered poor taste for any media outlet to report ANY early reports of any kind, before everyone has had a chance to vote; “no spoilers!” will be the motto, just like with our TV shows and movies.  Please! Don’t post spoilers before I’ve had a chance to participate! Maybe I won’t bother to check Twitter and Facebook today until I’ve had a chance to vote; I don’t want to know what the spoiler-idiots are saying.

Because I know that my vote counts, no matter who I vote for.  I have learned the truth that used to be a mystery, that my vote always counts, unlike the old days.  And, my vote can’t be “canceled out” by other people.  I don’t have to try to “vote the right way,” because the right way is: whichever way I feel is the right way.  I am the powerhouse behind my vote – not anybody else.  So I vote however I want, independent of anyone else; then I get to experience the fun of seeing how the election turned out by analyzing it for myself!

There will be a system available on the same web site or screen that this published data will be made available on, for people to register complaints about the way their vote was handled – and THAT data will ALSO be made publicly available – the “adjustments” to make up for the incorrect processing/parsing/handling of each specific vote that did not go the way the voter intended.

Each voter can only influence their own vote. They have a right to VERIFY that their vote was counted in the right and proper way, in the system, and follow some kind of process to CORRECT it if it was not registered properly.  And check it again, to see that the correction took place; and repeat it if it did not.

All voters deserve to see all of the data, so that they can independently make sure that no cheating is going on with the final tally, which is the most important thing, the only thing that matters – it is the final results of the election.

People will be proud of how they voted, and want to show off to their friends – which fits in with the ability that everyone has to cross-check that against the actual data – nobody will lie, because anyone can, at any time, check the real data and see how someone else voted.

In fact the pride of the entire country will be in the fact that there is no central organization driving the collection of votes, counting of votes, reporting of final outcomes.  Everyone will be able to do that for themselves – for a true open clean election system – for the first time in history.

A missing vote, or a wrong vote, will be considered a horrible travesty, triggering many people to go into action to remedy the problem as quickly and efficiently as possible. Because we all want the same thing – an honest election, where our vote really counted.  You will never feel that level of confidence until you can verify it yourself with a system like this, and know that everyone else is doing the same.

No cheating will be possible.  This is how it will go down.



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