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June 6, 2014 / paulio10

Future Money

Today, the customer pays all costs and expenses a company has, and then some! That extra “and then some” money is called profit.  How much profit does the company charge? As much as they can get away with!

“All the market will bear,” is their policy, which sounds to me like slavery. “Don’t leave money on the table!” one business person says to another. They’re incorrectly thinking there’s money just sitting around on a table, nobody claiming it; but in reality, the money is in the hands of a consumer with a limited income, it won’t go to waste. It will probably be spent on something else valuable to that person’s life and happiness, through another company, as long as the first company doesn’t take it all away in the name of profit, simply because they can.

Trying to Understand the Current Business Model

When I was in grade school and was trying to understand how businesses work in the most simple way, I could not fathom the thought that the customer pays all and everything that keeps the company running.  It was even more impossible for me to believe that the customer pays more than that, so that the company can make a profit, extra money that the company didn’t even need! I just couldn’t believe it. It sounds and feels so immoral and wrong. You can just tell from the sound of it that it is not a sustainable system.

I assumed the company didn’t charge the full cost of producing the products; that didn’t seem right to me.  I don’t know where I thought the extra money would come from, magically, maybe?  Or from the government?  (But then, where would the government get that money?  I hadn’t thought it through fully).

Our current system of business and finance is completely closed. There is no actual generation of money, just recycling the same money around and around. This poor-man’s financial system is outdated and inappropriate for today – which you can see by the fact that we’re encountering powerful negative aspects of it, like mortgage market implosions, unfair bank-bailouts, recessions and depressions, and many other out-of-control damages going on in our financial world.

 Future Money – Generated Organically

In the future, money will be generated organically, the way all other energies work in our world. Just by being alive you get some energy that’s generated just for you and given to you directly – not taken from somebody else.  This is how the energy in your body works when you wake up in the morning. This is how energy works in animals and plants, to live their lives in joy and beauty.

In fact, you are naturally granted more energy when you do things in line with nature and cooperation – have you noticed this about your life? If you don’t abuse your body, you get more energy than if you do abuse it.  If you hurt and yell at people, you have less motivation to do helpful work, you feel more like just giving up and hiding under a rock. Until you heal emotionally, then you’re back to normal again for the most part – with a normal amount of energy and motivation to do the right things again in your world.  If you exercise your body in the right way, you naturally get more energy in the future.  If you slack off, you get less energy in the future.  If you do something nice for someone without expecting anything in return, it boosts your joy and happiness to such a degree, life is good again, and you’re happy to do more for others because it just feels right. This Joy is a kind of energy, granted to you in increasing amounts when you create Joy in others in increasing amounts. Natural laws of nature that you can choose to cooperate with, or not, it’s up to you.  The consequences are very real, though, and you can observe them for yourself – rather than believing what I’m saying.

Our future monetary system will behave the same way – a natural extension of the energies of nature.

Old and New Systems


A closed monetary system encourages people to feel like there is no God, because nothing is given to you. If you do nothing, you heartlessly receive nothing, and you experience the most pain and misery.

An open monetary system acknowledges that there is a Source, and goodness comes from it to all the people simply because they are alive. A base amount of money goes to all people regardless of their sex, race, religion, wealth, mental capacity, physical ability, etc.

When you’re sick in bed, a bare minimum of money comes  to you naturally for basic shelter, food and clothing. When you’re well, the work you do creates extra money for you to enjoy more from life than the bare minimum.

The open system diagram above is also how electronic circuits work, if you think about it:


In an open monetary system, businesses will continue to look at the maximum price they can charge, as they do today; but then they will charge less, as much as possible for them – the difference will be considered the Good Will they voluntarily contributed to the world. In return, they accumulate Good Will for themselves – it will be recorded and studied, with graphs and charts and reports. It will be used in marketing, to show how great a company they are. “You want to buy our products because we return so much Good Will back to society.” The more products they sell at the reduced price, the more Good Will they accumulate over time.  How can they maximize the Good Will their company is producing? – a Modern Open System Company is a unique company today, in that they are already doing this from what I can see.  They don’t try to maximize profit. They don’t try to gouge the customer and jack up the prices to the highest the market will bear. They don’t want to turn a profit at the end of the fiscal year, they just want to break even.  This is a completely different model than 99.9% of the companies in our society today. Because of this, their prices are lower, and they can compete against their competition like no other company – which has enabled them to grow bigger.  When I think about buying things from, I’m consistently amazed by their products and the quality of their services and offerings – and I want to go back and buy more and more, again and again.  I can feel the Good Will that they are producing in their company somehow – I like it, and I want other companies to follow the same model, so I can buy more things from them like I do from Amazon.

Amazon needs to start counting all of the Good Will they a producing, measure it and report it – use it in their marketing. I think people would really like this.  “Here’s all the money we didn’t take from you even though we could have – because we love you, our customers, we respect you, and we want you to be happy and successful, so you can keep as much of your own money as possible when you come to our web site and buy our products.”  Everybody needs to win, in business; the customer, too, not just the business itself.

Think Differently

All companies will learn to think differently in the future – they’ll learn not to leave Good Will on the table.



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