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December 17, 2013 / paulio10

Medical Costs and Freedom


Humanity still gets railroaded by stupidity. We aren’t yet in control of our world, because we aren’t yet in control of ourselves.

The medical costs of going to the hospital are WAY too expensive now – if you don’t have insurance you cannot afford to go to the hospital. If you go to the hospital without insurance, you’re presented with a gigantic bill at the end, which you can never pay back. If you are honest, you try to pay a little each month for the rest of your life – fucking up your potential and your freedom in this life. If you are not as honest then you say “fuck em! I’m not paying!” so all the other people have to cover your hospital costs, so their price is higher, so their freedom is taken more completely from them in the future. This hurts other people’s ability to get medical help in the future, because if enough people do this and the hospital’s costs are not covered at some point, the hospital will close, and nobody will receive medical help now – because a hospital is just a business, like any other business, and must be able to cover its basic expenses and make a little bit of profit – or it has to close.

This is out of control. Humanity needs to bring this into control, so the right prices are set for everyone. Everyone pays as best they can, so price is naturally lower, so there’s greater freedom for everyone over time. Medical payments need to slew in the direction of helping humanity more over time, not less. It needs to trend towards creating greater freedom for humanity over time, not destroying it.

Is America really the land of freedom? If so, then you would have a path towards greater personal freedom over time, and you would see others actively working towards greater freedom, and reaching greater freedom, and you would be proud of them, and they would encourage you to do the same.

Things like this discourage me about our freedom. But I know real freedom is coming. Humanity will be in control of its future freedom someday, but it hasn’t been implemented very widely yet. The idea of Freedom for All, as I think of it, is just now dawning in our world.



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