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September 25, 2013 / paulio10

Transparency in Business :: Right Human Relations

In the future we will have total transparency in business, and most people will be educated enough to understand and interpret the transparent documentation and reports issued by corporations, so everyone can see for themselves if companies are doing the right things.

It will be impossible to hide secret spending, to lie about the numbers, because every person on the planet will have the data and capability to cross-check a company’s numbers against all the numbers from outside the company – if things don’t add up, you know the company is hiding something.

Companies that don’t open their books in this way will be considered old-fashioned and untrustworthy by the mass population. The data and terminology will be simplified somewhat, and education will increase, so that those two things meet in the middle – for most of the population to be able to verify what each company claims.  It will be fun and exciting to follow the progress of your favorite companies, their successes and failures, it will be like a game.  In the same way you follow your friends on Facebook or Twitter, so you will be able to watch the finances and plans of your favorite companies with a level of detail as yet unknown in our current society. It will be fun!

Everyone will learn that the two financial halves of company finance: Income and Expenses, which are like arcs between points – one company’s income is derived from many other companies (and people’s) expenses. For example, if you consider all of the entities that purchased car parts from company A, all of those expenses are shown as incomes for company A.  You will be allowed to know all the money spent by every company who purchased anything from company A – that will be public knowledge, provided by all those other companies.  It will be easily researched on the Internet with a single operation.  You could then compare that aggregation of data against what company A claims their income is, for the same time period.  Those two numbers must match, or somebody is lying. People don’t like companies that lie about their numbers, and won’t put up with it.  An investigation would be triggered which would get to the bottom of the mistaken numbers – and the numbers would then be fixed appropriately to match properly with the companies they interact with.

The way business works today, every company expense is some other company’s income.  Every company income is some other company’s expense.  This fact can result in powerful checks and balances across companies throughout every industry, to keep everyone honest – to be transparent with everyone.  Honest reporting is only natural.

When that system is implemented and people are used to it, then anyone trying to game the system will fail. Their efforts will be immediately detected, it will be clear who they are, and they will be reprimanded by the entire populace. They will never risk it; the whole concept of lying financially will be gone. The less-honest entities will be shamed into following this law of transparency like every other company.

We already have people who regularly download the web pages of political web sites, and run computer programs that “diff” (compare) the new against the old, and report any changes that occurred.  This is how someone on the Internet discovered that the web site subtly removed a phrase about “protecting whistle-blowers” from the web site – a platform that Barack Obama honestly wanted to promote, but with the current escalating anti-terrorism activities in the United States of America, is apparently changing. People need to know when any institution changes its policies, even when they don’t want those changes to be well known (article).  We have a right to know.  And hopefully, in the future, we can avoid blowing it out of proportion with hype and spin; it would be better to understand the changes and decide how we are going to deal with them, rather than let the media froth everyone up into an emotional frenzy.

Knowing, mentally, what is going on in your country and in the world is very important.  However, being emotionally outraged and insulting about what you have just learned is harmful, unnecessary, and needs to stop.  We have a lot of that today in our social networks; I believe it’s a natural reaction to the sudden change in our society of immediate information.  But time heals everything. I believe by having more direct access to knowledge, so that seeing these changes becomes a regular part of every day life, will reduce the emotionality to a bare minimum in the future.  Especially for those youngsters who grow up with it as a normal part of their everyday life. It’s key to right human relations, and it is key to world wide cooperation.

Right Human Relations – World Cooperation – this is the future for humanity on Earth.


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