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June 5, 2013 / paulio10

In-Game Hyperinflation

Interesting article:

Some games are very good simulations of modern day economies. As a result, some games are being destroyed by hyperinflation, just like real economies have experienced in the past.  This is the greatest thing I have seen in a long time.  These games are helping to create the next REAL economy for the world.

In a game you can experience hyperinflation, and see it’s results much faster and less destructively to humanity.

In a game you can tune the parameters, change the rules, and see if that helps.

In a game you can throw out the old and bring in the new, and see if you can come up with changes and improvements that help.  You can make small changes or big ones. Or both. Over and over, as new knowledge is gained.



I predict that Diablo 3 will fix their hyperinflation issues within the next 6-months to a year. After they do, one of the team developers or project leads will publish an article about “How We Ended Hyper-Inflation in Diablo 3 Forever”, outlining exactly what they went thru, the fixes they tried that failed, and the fixes they tried that worked.

Multiple other game companies will try to learn from D3’s failure and build their own different kind of in-game economies, some of which will fail in different ways, while others will succeed much better than any other economy ever has in our world.  People will see it, study it, understand it, and learn from it.

Because the Internet is so open and everybody shares and learns everything now, the knowledge of what works will be spread to most people, and they will see the difference between a successfully working economy in-game, and our failing one in real life.  The chasm between the two won’t feel acceptable after a certain point.

And then… society will apply that knowledge to the real world.  A new, real, working post-modern economy will be born.

Which countries will adopt such a new economy first?  Which countries will lag behind?  Which will reject it entirely?  Will new countries appear that start from the beginning with the new economy, since they don’t have any baggage from the past?

The future of our world is going to be so interesting!


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