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April 25, 2013 / paulio10

Leaders, Lead your People to Greatness

Oh Leaders of every Nation, imagine the greatness your people can accomplish!

What is the next step for each aspect of life in your country? Reaching that next step is so important.

What great accomplishment hasn’t been achieved yet by your country? The time has come to do it.

Inspire your people with visions of the great future that lies ahead!

Don’t let your mind be mired by thoughts of the limitations you face today.

Don’t let yourself get caught up in terrorism, and similar distractions.

What people focus on is so important. If a downhill skier focuses on the trees, they will ski right into a tree. Instead they are taught to focus on the path between the trees, so they ski safely along the path. The same is true for driving (“keep your eyes on the road”), bicycling, running a business (large or small), running a country. How does your focus need to change now?

When you set high goals for yourself in any endeavor, your have a much greater chance of reaching those goals. It’s surprising when it happens the first time. Try it and see for yourself if you don’t believe it.

Telling everyone around you the high goals you set for yourself increases your chance of achieving them. This is especially important in the ever-increasing openness and transparency of our world. People want to be a part of what’s going on, they want to understand everything that’s happening everywhere in the world, today. People are smart enough now to understand anything you know about, and will even run with it – helping you achieve the parts related to their field of expertise.

Working towards a Great Goal creates prosperity. It creates health. It creates cooperation. It creates happiness. It reduces expenses. And it creates connections and side-effects that are beneficial in ways you never would have expected.

Achieving a Great Goal

Step 1: What is the Goal?  (one sentence that anyone can understand)
Step 2: What is your Plan to achieve the Goal?
Step 3: What Tasks are required to follow the Plan?
Step 4: Who are the right people to perform those Tasks?  The people will gladly help – your Goal inspired them.
Step 5: What resources do you need related to those Tasks?
Step 6: What is the right timing of those tasks?
Step 7: How do you measure success of the Tasks, Plan, Purpose?
Step 8: What is needed to maintain the Goal, once it’s accomplished?

Qualities of a Great Goal

  • All inclusive – everyone benefits.
  • Harmless – does not do damage to any person/place/thing.
  • Unique – something that hasn’t been done before.
  • Great Goals open your heart, help you feel more relaxed and calm when you think about them.

Great Goals from the Past

  • Putting a man on the moon, and bringing him safely back home. Proof that we achieved escape-velocity from Earth (25,000 MPH) using metal and fuel, when scientists had already proven it “couldn’t be done”.
  • Creating a factory so powerful and comprehensive that iron ore goes in one end and automobiles drive out the other end.
  • The Panama Canal – “Extreme Engineering” TV Show, 2003-2006; collection 1, episode 1, Widening the Panama Canal – Netflix streaming
  • Understanding that the Earth rotates around the Sun, and the Sun around the Galaxy, and being able to prove it.
  • Achieving flight and rocketry, using heavier-than-air vehicles.
  • Achieving sailing and shipping, using heavier-than-water vehicles.
  • ___________________________________________ (write the one you constantly think about here)

Ideas for Great Future Goals

  • Humanity’s role as Custodian of Nature. Help all species of plants and animals on Earth live healthy, happy lives in cooperation with each other and with Humanity. Cause the water and air to be cleaner, year after year. Cause the dirt to be healthier for planting and farming.
  • Creating a new monetary system which expands and contracts equally with the quantity of people, their needs, and their ability to work. Holding Corporations to the same high standards as Humans – pure self-centered greed is not acceptable. Doing 100 units of destruction to make 50 units of money is not acceptable. Find a way to measure detriment in balanced relation to benefit.  Who is the great Libra who will figure this out? How will the world be inspired to follow it?
  • Building a new type of Corporation that can contract as well as expand. For every plan to expand, there is a reverse plan to shrink in an orderly fashion if things don’t work out. Every plan to make more money has with it a responsibility to do right action with that new found wealth and/or power. Borrowing money has an orderly plan to pay it all back. Building a building has with it a plan and resources in reserve to return the land to its former status – including the costs and effort to do so.
  • ____________________________________________ (write your own ideas in this space)

Law of Reverses

Just when you have too much work to do, that’s when you need to add new tasks to achieve Great Goals; the energy will come.

Just when you’re low on resources, that is when you should allocate resources to achieve Great Goals.

Just when everyone criticizes your Goal or Plan, that’s when it’s time to implement it. You’re doing it right.

Just when people near you disappear to avoid doing the work, that’s when you’ll recruit the hard-working intuitive joyful people who energetically follow your Plan and truly help you achieve the Goal.

Failure Isn’t

If a person fails at a Task, encourage them to try again; if they won’t, find someone else.

If a Task fails, choose another Task to achieve the same part of the Plan.

If a Plan fails, create a new Plan to achieve the same Goal.

When you’re unsure about which of 2 Tasks should be done, choose them both.

When you’re unsure about which of 2 Plans are needed, follow them both.

Measure success and failure.  Study the measurements. Try something else, and measure again.

Make a decision, take action. If you’re wrong or fail, you learned something. If you’re right or succeed, you accomplished something.  Being wrong or failing helped you learn what doesn’t work – that’s more than you knew before you tried. Anything you choose now is better – you’re making progress. Leave negative emotions behind, you’re closer to the goal. Repeat as necessary.

Success is Inevitable, and Better than You Think

And how will you feel when your country successfully achieved such a Great Goal?

And how will other countries be inspired by your success? What will they do to follow?

And how will your children look upon this achievement? And how will their children see it? And theirs?

And what unexpected things will you learn about your country, your people, yourself?

The Leader is You

Regardless of your position in life, you are the leader.

You lead your family. You lead your friends. You lead your coworkers. You lead your physical body around every day. You lead your emotions when you want to. You lead your mind to focus on the things you need to focus on.

You are the leader I have been talking about in this article.

The time is now.  Let’s get going.  Leaders, what is your Plan!


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