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August 29, 2012 / paulio10


A geocache I found today (GC236EF) had a description that said to write what you dream about in your log entry. Here is what I wrote. –paul

Dreams? I dream a lot, many dreams every night. I dream about either my mom or dad at least 1-2 times a month (they have both passed on already). I dream about playing the greatest virtual-reality games, far more amazing than anything we’ve ever created for computers or gaming systems.  I dream about discussing interesting things with friends I’ve never seen before. I dream about experiences and environments that are fun and interesting.

I dream about a higher Internet which enables people to directly communicate with their friends and share what they’re viewing, immediately, without equipment. I dream about a world where people assume you are their closest friend, by default; only if you violate the rules of friendship do they avoid you and ignore you. I dream about a world with minimal government because the people are far more empowered and interconnected than ever before on Earth – the purpose of both government and people being to create the best societal environment geared to generating maximum happiness and health, for people and for all life-forms around. I dream about a new level of Common Sense that enables Humanity to end all war – because everyone realizes that war is always a net-negative activity – worse than net-zero. (The best solution to any problem is win-win; war is lose-lose.)

I dream of a world where geocaches have real diamonds and precious gems, pearls and necklaces and lockets, gold doubloons and ancient coins – real treasures for children to discover. The kind of treasure I dreamed about discovering when I was a child.

What do you dream about?


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