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July 14, 2012 / paulio10

Finding Hidden Treasures – Geocaching

The following is the description I wrote about myself on the web site, just now. — paul

I am a software developer, technology enthusiast, and dreamer of the future of humanity, technology and society. I love finding the hidden treasure chests all around the city, right under the noses of the average person who passes by every day without even knowing the secrets surrounding them. I love knowing there’s geocaches all around, all the time – there’s nearly 2 million geocaches all over the world, now.

I don’t like micros or nanos, I like larger caches that can hold items (and are often easier to find). All caches that I have hidden can hold items in addition to the log. I love finding travel bugs and taking pictures with them in various spots, helping them along their journey around the country and the world. I leave a lot more swag than I take, because cachers overall seem to do the opposite over time. You deserve to discover interesting items in the caches you find, don’t you? So, I leave interesting stuff as much as I can. Gotta keep those geocaches populated with lots of goodies. I love seeing kids geocaching. Seeking and finding hidden treasures inspires the child inside of all of us, which helps create a great future for all of us.

You can visit my profile page below, however you must create an account and log in to first before you can see it:

If you like the idea of Geocaching, you can see a few geocaches with your free account.  Most geocaches are reserved for paid (“premium”) members to see; there’s like 5-10 times as many that way.  A premium membership like I have costs about $30 per year. How many geocaches do you see near you?


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