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May 21, 2012 / paulio10

The Energy of Revenge

I want to talk about the energy of Revenge.

There’s an energy to it.  If that energy is directed improperly it can cause havoc in life – it can hurt people, it can create karmic debts, and even cause an infinite loop – two “enemies” can be endlessly tied to each other in a downward spiral that consumes their life, their time, their energy and their happiness.

You already know all of this. But you haven’t heard anybody talk about the proper use of the energy of Revenge.  It’s not something to ignore and block and suppress; it’s something to respect, and to use. You need to know how to handle the energy of Revenge.

Real Life Example

Let’s say I feel upset about losing the fourplex rental property in 2010 that my wife and I purchased in 2005 at the height of the real-estate bubble in the United States.  We paid $80,000 down payment for this property (purchase price $400,000).  In 2010 we had to short-sell it. We not only lost the property and the $80K downpayment but our credit rating was damaged for two years.  The final blow was having to pay an extra one thousand dollars from our own pocket, right at the end of the short sale because our “management company” managed to not hold the renter’s deposits for us like they promised they would. It was very frustrating.

OK. Let’s say I’m really mad about this, and rightly so.  So, I feel the energy of revenge. I think, “boy, I want to hurt that buyer who acted nasty towards me in an email when we were closing,” and I think, “I want to sue that management company for stealing the deposit money from me,” or, “I want to sue the real estate agent who sold me the property originally.” I can think of plenty of things to get upset about.  And what’s the alternative to those, I’m going to do nothing? I’m going to ignore what I’m thinking, to cancel and ignore my feelings? Squelch it and suppress it? Deep down inside of me? That can’t be good.

I can do EFT or TAT to null out the painful-aspect of those memories over time, so when I think about our old fourplex I don’t feel a shooting pain in my chest. But maybe that’s not the right thing to do either, if it takes away my motivation to make a comeback from this? Should I remain the victim, or is there a way I can triumph after all? I feel an energy to do something; I don’t want to lose that energy; but I also don’t want to be in pain, and I don’t want to just ignore everything and let it go.

This Ain’t Your Father’s Revenge

What I’m saying is, there’s a different kind of revenge you can take which is not harmful. In fact, it’s constructive.

I waited to see what would happen, I kept experiencing the experience to the end. When we settled all the tax consequences of the short sale, we ended up getting $20,000 back from the IRS the next year because it was such a gigantic write-off of lost money for us.  Wait, what?  You have to stop and think about that – that doesn’t fit into the “everyone’s evil, I’m a complete victim” scenario my brain was trying to convince me of. I suddenly have an extra $20K cash? That’s a lot of money. I didn’t expect that.

When you take that into consideration, there’s a new aspect here that my wife and I get to experience.  Because housing prices fell so dramatically, it’s a far better time to invest in rental property now than ever before.  We decided to take that money and make a down-payment on a new property with it.  Because we’ve learned a lot since the early days of our investing experience.

I studied what I did wrong with the earlier property, with the view that “if we ever do this again, at least I’ll know what NOT to do!”  I learned how to tell if an investment property will “cashflow” for me or not, something I didn’t know when we purchased that fourplex. I can calculate the Return on Investment (ROI) which helps me know how many years before my entire investment is paid back. Once it’s paid back, who cares if the value of the property goes up or down anymore?  I can tell when I’ll have gotten all my money back out – I will still own the property, and it will still be generating money for us! Sure, I’m buying a slightly smaller property now, but not by much, since prices fell so sharply.  And, since I can make it cashflow, it will be a MUCH better experience than the fourplex. I will make money every month – that monthly check feels good – rather than just breaking even each month with the old fourplex; that was a constant frustration for 5 long years.

My Revenge

So my revenge is this: I am taking the remains of losing the fourplex (the $20,000 refund from taxes) to buy an investment property, and in the first year I plan to make way more money than all 5 years of owning that fourplex. Because of that, I don’t care that it’s a single family home, a smaller property; I’m doing way better than before.  It will take years, but I’ll be able to get back that $80,000 and more.  Especially if I save up that money and don’t spend it, I can make a downpayment on another property, and rent it out, and make even more every month.

I lost money with that fourplex, but I learned a whole lot.  And the world changed around me to make it more worthwhile to do it again, not less. I also learned what it’s like throughout the entire Short Sale process (by living through it!) – so that’s no longer a fear of mine. It’s just a thing I can do now if I have to, based on the law of the land. It’s a process like any other, and when it’s over it’s over. There’s nothing to fear anymore. I know all this because I have first-hand experience, now. Not everyone can say the same. All this experience makes me smarter and more fearless than before.

My new property will cashflow about $350 every month while rented out.  I’m getting a 15 year loan, so 15 years from now (I’ll still be around then!) the mortgage magically goes away and I will be making about $850/month every month it’s rented out.

This is my revenge.

In my mind, I say:

“I’ll show you… I’ll invest right this time, because I learned how.  And make way more money than the old way ever could have!”

Psychological Obstacle

But of course, there’s still the emotional component that hurts me, a psychological blockage against getting a new property, against cooperating with a bank, with a realtor, with the seller, the property inspector, etc.  But that’s something I know how to fix with EFT and TAT.  With a few days of work, a few minutes each day, I can clear the blockages preventing me from success at this endeavor.  I can use the energy of Revenge to drive me to clean the problems – I can’t help thinking:

“You can’t make me feel bad! I refuse to! You can’t stop me that way! I will be perfectly OK with property investing, and the proof will be when the money is coming in.”

With hard work I can make it work, just like every other kind of success I’ve had in my life, in so many areas I’ve already experienced.  Why is it always harder than I think it should be when I begin?

The actions I’m taking now, my revenge from that bad investment, is a form of Justice.  It’s Freedom and Righteousness combined. To be able to say, “not only am I not in a bad way, I’m better off now than ever.”  The old property felt like a weight around my neck. The new property makes me excited to be purchasing, and will give me a tinge of happiness every month I see a rent check arrive. Maybe this property will be useful to me the rest of my life, and be a nice inheritance for our children when we pass away some day. Not only that, but it’s useful to whoever rents it from me.  I’m a kind and thoughtful landlord.  No ridiculous demands, no spying, just what you’d want from a landlord. So I’m providing a high-quality rental property. If I didn’t do this, whoever else owned the property might not be as reasonable and good as I am. Strong but fair.

So, any time I’m struggling with the details and paperwork of this property purchase, I remind myself: This property replaces the fourplex. And all those people that sold me the fourplex, inspected it, told me I was doing the right thing when they likely knew trouble was coming economically (or maybe they didn’t know, who cares) – it shows them I can succeed better than ever before without their help.  So there.

I’ll show you guys, all you fourplex experts! You Losers! I’m a better investor than you are. I’m not tricking anybody, I’m not taking anti-depression medication that flattens my joy like you are, you unnamed person in this investment property business.

So. You can benefit from the energy of revenge. Revenge has energy. Don’t ignore energy! The energy can drive you to do the right thing next time, to the best of your ability.  You can make it to a higher spiral – you’re standing in the same place, but armed with far better knowledge and experience than ever before.  It looks vaguely like before, except one thing: you totally know what you’re doing.  You own this moment.

I’m telling you: Success is the best revenge.


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