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January 28, 2012 / paulio10

What I Expect

I expect more from you, world. More and better science, to improve life for Humanity all over the globe.

To do that, you must stop shooting and attacking and bombing each other.

To do that, you must disconnect yourself from your real enemies – hatred and self-centeredness. Your real enemy lies within.

  • Realize that everybody has the same rights as you.
  • Use the “as-if” method to stop your automatic biases, to see how to treat other people.

The “as-if” method is simple: any time you have an interaction with another person, anyone, anywhere – you imagine that you are them for a moment. When you hear words coming out of their mouth, you imagine what they’ve been through that would cause them to say such a thing, and you imagine you have been thru the same thing, just like them.  Don’t worry, you can’t lose yourself doing this, just as you don’t lose yourself watching a science-fiction or drama movie, or reading a book.  With practice you’ll reach a point where you totally understand what the other person is saying and why; why they’re acting the way they are.  You’ll realize that sometimes when two people are arguing, actually, they’re both correct.

You can only make the best decisions and take the right actions when you really understand the viewpoint of everyone involved. The “as-if” method can help you reach this level of understanding.  And then your decision, your action, will be fair to all – you may even find solutions that satisfies everyone’s need, even opposing viewpoints.  You’ll find that elusive third-angle, that new approach nobody thought of, which solves everyone’s needs and everyone can move on to the next level of living.

People aren’t your enemies anymore.  You live in a world with nothing but brothers and sisters.  Nobody’s totally evil and wrong, but you might believe that, based on what other people have told you; because of their inability to see things in grey-scale the way you’re learning to do.  They don’t know how to use the “as-if” method like you do. The best thing you can do is go and see for yourself – go to the source, listen, watch, and learn.  You can make the best decision when you have the purest information.  In this world of Information Exchange, where anyone can talk with anyone else all over the world, it should not be hard to go direct to the source – you can ask the questions you want, and get the information you need.

Hatred and its bedfellows (malice, slander, treason, revenge) are a kind of sticky glue that sticks to you if you let it.

Don’t let them, anymore.

You can put away your old toys now that you’ve outgrown them, and explore new and better toys.

World, for you to achieve what I expect of you, you need to honestly see your current limitations and work to overcome them.  Watch out for your superior attitude. Don’t jump to conclusions. Don’t see everything in Black and White – everything in the world is really gray-scale; part wrong, part right; part good, part bad.

I want to see real results of real scientific discoveries and breakthroughs in all parts of the world now, and I want all people to respect this and benefit from it.  I want to see Wikipedia’s Portal:Current_events page have real discoveries and breakthroughs in every avenue of modern science and medicine and life, every week.

The next step is up to you. I’m depending on you. I love you. You can do it!


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