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November 23, 2011 / paulio10

Freedom of Thanksgiving

I finished cutting up over a hundred apples to help my wife make 4 apple pies for Thanksgiving tomorrow. Our whole family pitched in to help, which was a really nice experience.  I like how the holidays tend to bring people together, at least it’s a change of pace with new things happening each day.

I am sitting here listening to my favorite music, thinking about the freedoms we experience every day in the USA where I live, and feeling thankful for so many things.  Sure every country has problems and limitations, but when I stop focusing on the News and just relax for a bit, it hits me.  I can drive my car in any direction, as far as I want, any time of the day or night, and visit any city or town, any time I want.

I can go up to anybody and say “hi”.  I can offer to help someone with what they’re doing.  I can ask for help for something I’m doing.  I can choose a restaurant and eat there, right now, or whenever I want.  If I see something I want to buy, I can save up my money and purchase that thing.  I can realize I have more than I need, and share it with others.  I can decide how to do that sharing, where, and when, and how much.  And it makes me feel really good.  I can ride my bike and visit the birds and plants and grass and trees.

I can kiss my wife in public.  I can sing a song, indoors or outdoors.  I can jam out on my drums as loud as I want (I own my own home).

I can start a business, even if I’ve failed at a dozen previous businesses.  If I get into overwhelming financial debt that I can’t pay off, I can declare bankruptcy and get out from under (most of) it, so that I’m not in financial-jail the rest of my life; I get a chance to start over.  And, even if I screw up my own finances too seriously, when I pass away, my children absolutely will not inherit my financial debts. Children cannot be held responsible for the financial obligations of their parents in America.

Not all countries have all of these freedoms, today.

In America we’re proud of our freedom.  When most Americans think of freedom, they primarily think of physical freedom – being allowed to take any action, so long as it’s not infringing on other people’s freedoms or harming them in some way.

But, there is another kind of freedom – internal freedom.  Have you heard about it? Internal freedom is freedom from self-limitations. Freedom from hangups within yourself.

Most people have a lot of restrictions within themselves that hold them back from true success, real joy, real freedom.  People who manage to identify and overcome a personal limitation often find their life improves in relation to it.  They’re happier. They feel more successful. They are more joyful, to the degree of their success.

People who are able to overcome major hangups in their personality, increase their own joy and happiness immensely.  They make more money. People treat them better. Not to mention the benefit to all the other people in their lives who are helped indirectly by their personal success.

Have you managed to overcome a personal limitation?  What did it feel like? How much work did it take?

It’s humbling to look at yourself in a balanced way – to face something in you that you don’t like about yourself. Not beat yourself up about it, not feel like you’re “nothing” or “stupid”, because that’s just as wrong as thinking you’re great and perfect in every way. No, you’re probably somewhere in between. It’s really hard to see ourselves clearly, but it’s well worth the effort to do so.  Maybe there’s something about the way you speak, or move, or walk, or smile, that you don’t like today. How can you find out exactly where you’re at?

If you think you’re perfect in every way, right now, well, all I can say is perhaps you aren’t seeing things about you that everyone around you already sees.  Maybe you should ask them.

If this article made you angry, I apologize – I must have touched a nerve in you.  Which is good.  If none of this applied to you, you’d have no emotional reaction at all.  Something here struck a chord – you can think about it and find it.  Then take action to clean it.

As you free yourself from self-limitations, you’ll realize you have more self-confidence.  Other people can not control you quite as easily.  A fearless person is naturally not controlled by fear-suggestions coming at them from family, bosses, advertising, strangers.  Work done for other people without expecting remuneration, cannot be controlled by money, bosses, corporations.  Can you take action that helps somebody in some way, without expecting anything in return?  How does that make you feel?  It makes me feel really good.

This Thanksgiving, think about your inner freedom.  How you can be more free, for real. People with internal freedom are less of a load on society. Their actions reduce taxes and insurance, not increase them. They’re liked by others more, and remembered in a more positive light. They leave the world in a better place than when they arrived.

Only you can take away your internal freedom.  Only you can restore your internal freedom.  Give back to yourself this Thanksgiving.  Find and fix something you don’t like about yourself once and for all.  You deserve it.


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