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November 9, 2011 / paulio10

Metal Creativity

My son Clint is learning welding at a technical school. He has been bringing home a lot of interesting creative metal objects he has been welding out of miscellaneous parts the shop had lying around. So far this year he’s brought home a snake, a fish, a big scorpion, a very large wild cat crouching to strike (made out of bike frames and parts), a butterfly, and various other things. I love his creativity.

He also brought home this, which I have hanging up above my work bench in the garage. It’s a fleur-de-lis inside of a shield. It’s a great symbol:

But the most amazing work of art he brought home is about 1 foot tall. It’s a warrior holding a staff, with flames surrounding his entire head! How’s that for a powerful image. I love the stance of the warrior, he looks really confident, and isn’t going to put up with shit from anyone. It kind of looks like a kachina, sort of; only more powerful, to me anyway.



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